About the author

Kat Gomez-Limchoc is a first time author. She once read that to leave your mark in the world, you had to “father a child, plant a tree and write a book.” This book was the last check on that list. She is mother to two singular human beings, Snow and Liv. When she turned thirty, she planted a tree in their garden. (The next day however, their dog dug it up. So, she’s going to have to do this again.)

She has been an advertising creative for twenty years and is the Executive Creative Director of Blackpencil Manila which is part of the Leo Burnett Group Manila. She has won numerous awards throughout her career but is proudest of the projects that have had personal significance to her, such as when she led the creation of a product that helps fight cancer (inspired by a dear friend who beat it twice), and when she and her husband/favorite director Joel, had a date-turned-brainstorm for a friend’s project that led to a video watched more than eleven million times. (See “How Not to Instagram” on Youtube.)

Kat has said yes to many opportunities life has served up, so she has also been a professional dancer, a client (for two weeks), a social entrepreneur, an editor-at-large for a top fashion magazine, a travel writer, a model, a stylist, an acting director, a production designer and extra in a couple of indie films, a director, a foundation founder, and even a Sunday school teacher.

She still has a couple of things on her bucket list. She wants to have a farm where she and her family can plant vegetables and raise chickens. She wants to take up a master’s degree on social development and find a way to apply what she learns for her country. And she wants to write more books.